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Iranian desert hosts Bermuda Triangle

Iranian desert of Rig-e Jenn hosts a Bermuda Triangle.

Iranian desert of Rig-e Jenn (Gravel of Jinn) is home to a Bermuda Triangle.

The bizarre-shaded desert is full of golden dunes that locals believe once was home to evil spirits and demons; so, whoever steps on it will be swallowed up and never returns! This is why the area is called the Bermuda Triangle of Iran!

A couple of hours away from Tehran, there is a great place that no word can describe its beauties. The captivating beauty of the Rig-e Jenn located in the central desert of Iran can surprise any visitor with the presence of so much interesting life in an apparently dead place.

The Rig-e Jenn is a vast area of sand dunes in the middle of Dasht-e Kavir, Iran’s central desert on the border of the provinces of Semnan and Isfahan.

It was not traveled by the old caravan travelers, who believed it is a place where evil spirits live. Even today some in the neighboring towns and villages believe so.

Travel guides to the region believe that Rig-e Jenn marshes are among the most dangerous parts of the desert coming out of which is not easy so that it can even lead to death.

Apart from the dangers, the locals believe in some fiction and stories that left many questions unanswered. However, the cause of most of these phenomena has today been recognized. For example, a sound is heard in the desert that is known as the Cry of Stone. The cause of this natural phenomenon is the expansion and contraction of stones and breaking them as a result of the temperature difference between day and night.

An exciting journey to Rig-e Jenn may offer the visitors the experience of an attractive travel across the desert by off-road equipped vehicles or motorcycles. A stay for night in the region and observing the desert’s starry sky is highly recommended.

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