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Iranian Time Museum with amazing stucco work

The marvelous stucco work of Iran’s Time Museum was done in over 12 years.

Iran’s Time Museum has been popular among the enthusiasts of not only antique watch and clocks, but also the lovers of Iranian architecture and stucco work.

The museum is Iran’s first museum of its kind. The complex encompasses an area of 5000 square meters with a two-floor building of 700 square meters.

The 80-year-old building with its appealing surrounding is one of the best places in Tehran to visit.

The garden in which the museum is built dates back to Qajar era and the original building had a wood structure and its material was adobe, but in the process of restoration it was transformed into a masterpiece by Iranian great masters.

At least 40 people worked over 12 years to create the stucco art that we are enjoying today. Some of the great names participating in the project are Haj Abdolkarim Navid Tehrani, Farhad and Mohammad Yahyapour, Hassan Jafari, Abbas Abbasian, Master Nemat, Haj Kazem, Ali and Eskandar Sadeqi, and Ahmad Mousivand.


There is a rich collection of old clocks and watches that attracts visitors in the unique building. The museum was inaugurated in 1999.


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