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Get to know best zip-lining sites in Iran

iFilm website introduces some best zip-lining sites in Iran.

Sometimes the monotony of everyday life makes us dream of exciting activities we can do to get great surge of adrenaline in our vessels.

One such recreational activity is to go zip-lining. In Iran, you can find this sport in various cities, each of which will be a different experience due to the diverse geography of the country. 


Once in Tehran as a sports fan, a destination you should pick is Tochal Mountain. There you can trek, ski, take a gondola ride and of course hang into the sky on a zip-line. This 170 meters ride is good enough to feel fresh and energetic.

Milad Tower

Still in Tehran? Do not miss another ride of zip-line at Milad Tower. This way you can stay inside the metropolitan and enjoy the exciting sport.


Now that you have left the capital to enjoy the green nature in the north of Iran, you can take your zip-line ride at Ramsar. Here you can take the ride as well as some good walk on the wooden bridges that are parts of the whole package.

Varzaneh Desert

Want a change of scenery? Take your ride at a desert. In Iran our offer for you is a good zip-lining at the Varzaneh Desert.

There are many other sites of the sort in Iran that you can pick based on the trip you have in mind and the city you want to visit. For instance, in the case of travelling to Razavi Khorasan Province to spend some holy hours at Imam Reza (AS) Holy shrine, you can also take a detour to Chalidarreh and enjoy the recreational activities there as well as a refreshing zip-line ride.