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Iranian first movie posters in pictures

Iran published first movie poster to attract movie goers over a century ago.

Publishing movie posters has always been a popular fashion to attract movie enthusiasts to cinema halls and movie theaters.

The art of designing movie posters started concurrent with the arrival of silver screen in Iran. While some believe that nowadays poster designing in Iran centers on cinema stars, others say the art had a lot of progress and is on the right track.

Although today’s world of technology offers various ways of advertisement, poster designing, experiencing many ups and downs, is still a common way to charm people.

Some 114 years ago, in October 1907, the first advertisement for screening a movie in a photo studio owned by Mehdi Ivanov (nicknamed Roussi Khan) was published in Habl al-Matin magazine.

As people of Iran welcomed cinema and movie theaters were recognized by the society, the job was done more seriously.

Two years later, in autumn 1909, a poster was designed to invite people to watch a movie in Farous Cinema hall.

Following is a collection of movie posters from the time silver screen arrived in Iran to the early 1970s.


Abi & Rabi


Rostam & Sohrab




Kurdish Sadeq



A Girl from Lorestan