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‘Play Maker’ to vie at Light of the World

Iranian doc ‘Play Maker’ is to vie at the Int’l Youth Film Festival "Light of the World” in Russia.

Iranian documentary ‘Play Maker’ has been set to participate in the International Youth Film Festival "Light of the World” in Russia.

The Iranian Youth Cinema Society reported that ‘Play Maker’ will compete at the 11th edition of the Russian festival.

The film is about Shahnaz Abbasi, a former female football player, who played for the Malavan Bandar Anzali, a football club based in north of Iran.

‘Play Maker’ is directed by Hadis Janbozorgi.

Earlier reports said Iranian short film ‘Before Darkness’ will also compete at the Russian event.

‘Before Darkness’ is about a woman who has crossed into Iran along with other Afghans as they want to illegally travel to Turkey. The woman, who is accompanied by her child, can’t take her child with her as she can’t afford the smuggling fees.

The "Light of the World” aims to promote traditional spiritual and moral values.

The 11th edition of the festival will take place on May 12-15.