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iFilm English TV to air new series ‘Lady of the Mansion’

iFilm’s new series ‘Lady of the Mansion’ is to go on air from Sunday night.

iFilm’s new series ‘Lady of the Mansion’ has been scheduled to go on air from May 9, 2021.

The series, produced by Majid Molaee and directed by Azizollah Hamidnejad, narrates a tale during the reign of the Qajar dynasty in Iran.

A commoner named Fakhri marries a Qajar prince. She goes through many hardships, but perseveres and eventually becomes the lady of the mansion.

The cast list of the series includes Shabnam Farshadjou, Ramtin Khodapanahi, Alireza Shoja-Nouri, Saleh Mirza-Aqaee, Andisheh Fouladvand, Hessam Manzour, Pantea Panahiha, Maryam Momen, Mina Vahid, Niki Nasirian, Ghazal Shakeri, Mohammad Feili, Mahtaj Nojoumi, and Sirous Meimanat.

‘Lady of the Mansion’, made in 2018, is scheduled to replace the series ‘Lighter than Darkness’ which airs daily at 19:00 GMT.

iFilm English will also repeat each episode of the drama the next day at 03:00, 08:00, 14:00 (all GMT times). The series is comprised of 34 episodes.

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