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Iranian makeup artist Masoud Valadbeigi dies at 86

Iranian makeup artist and actor Masoud Valadbeigi dies of heart failure at Tehran’s Mehrad Hospital on Tuesday.

Iranian makeup artist and actor Masoud Valadbeigi, 86, has died of heart failure at Tehran’s Mehrad Hospital on Tuesday.

Valadbeigi, whose collaboration in Ebrahim Hatamikia’s ‘From Karkheh to Rhein’ and several other movies brought him national acclaim, was admitted to the hospital twice over the past two months.

Valadbeigi began his career with director and writer Nader Ebrahimi’s TV series ‘Fire without Smoke’ during the 1970s.

He also pursued an acting career in Iran’s post-revolution cinema in the early 1980s by working with director Behrouz Afkhami in ‘Mirza Koochack Khan’ TV series, which was aired by ifilm English TV channel.

As a makeup artist and an actor, Valadbeigi also collaborated with numerous celebrated directors, such as Ali Hatami, Mohammad-Ali Sajjadi, Masoud Kimiai, Iraj Qaderi and Fereydoun Jeyrani.  

Valadbeigi’s skills in makeup earned him three Crystal Simorghs at the Fajr Film Festival for ‘The Last Act’ in 1991, ‘From Karkheh to Rhein’ in 1992 and ‘The Ugly and the Beautiful’ in 1998.

He also appeared as an actor and collaborated as a makeup artist in historical TV series ‘Mukhtar Narrative’ with Iran’s preeminent master of film makeup Abdollah Eskandari who expressed his condolences to Valadbeigi's family in a recent interview, saying “Makeup art in Iran is indebted to him”.

Valadbeigi, the father of actress Sahar Valadbeigi, made a cameo appearance in the first season of the TV series ‘Setayesh’ in the 2010s, and his chronic illness brought Valadbeigi’s activities in cinema and TV to a halt.