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Let’s journey to Kolah-Farangi Mansion in north of Iran

Kolah-Farangi Mansion is a hexagonal relic marked as one of the most important tourist attractions in the Iranian northern city of Rasht.

Kolah-Farangi Mansion is a hexagonal relic from late Zand and early Qajar era and one of the most important tourist attractions in the Iranian northern city of Rasht.

Built to resemble a six-level Ziggurat, this mansion is located on the southern side of Mohtasham Garden also known as the City Park (the oldest park of Rasht).  

Kolah-Farangi is a four-story building registered as one of Iran's national monuments. The unique feature of this building is that it looks like a three-floor structure from the outside. There are two rooms on both the first and the second floor.   

This great summer building has a 360-degree balcony. You can see a great view everywhere you turn. The building was once the residence of government officials and dignitaries of the country. But throughout history, it has had many other uses such as a chess house, a restaurant, and also as a traditional arts training center.

The decorations of this building, despite their simplicity, have given it splendor and beauty. The wooden lion heads, carved columns, the beautiful balcony railings, and the use of decorative Persian architectural elements like Muqarnas (ornamented vaulting), Rasmi Bandi (interlocking patterns, arches and geometric shapes), Karbandi (parametric dome) and ornamental arches have added to the beauty of this building.

Bounded by the Caspian Sea and the Republic of Azerbaijan on the north, Rasht, capital of Gilan Province, has long been a weekend escape for Tehran residents who are looking to taste the famous local cuisine and feel the fresh pluvial ambiance.   

Rasht is the largest, and wettest town in the northern region of Iran.