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Get to know streets with Iranian names around the world

Some streets around the world have their names from Iran.

Iranian names have inspired street names in a number of major cities around the world.

In this article, some of such streets are presented.

Saadi St. in the US

In case you are in the US but you will to take a walk in Iranian streets, no need to worry. You can take the walk at Saadi Street in Houma city of Louisiana.

Rue de Teheran in France

It has been a long time that the 8th neighborhood residents in Paris are strolling down the Teheran (Tehran) street. So, should you be in Paris and have Persian air in your head, just get out and pay a visit to the street.

Tehran Street in South Korea

The Gangnam district of Seoul is home to Tehran Valley that has been named after Silicon Valley for all the internet-related companies that are established there. The South Korean street has a sister in Tehran named Seoul Street.

Iran Path in the US

A highway in Northfield Minnesota is named after our country to accommodate travelers.

Jalan Esfahan in Malaysia

The grand city of Esfahan known as half of the world has a street in Malaysia. You can feel like being in Esfahan going to Jalan Esfahan Street in Kuala Lumpur. The two cities of Kuala Lumpur and Esfahan are twin or sister cities.