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How Persian language indebted to Ferdowsi

Today marks Persian Language Day and the commemoration of Iranian epic poet Ferdowsi.

May 15 is celebrated as the "Day of preservation of the Persian language" and the commemoration of Abolqasem Ferdowsi, the epic Iranian poet.

The Persian language and Ferdowsi’s indispensable work Shahnameh (written between 977 and 1010 AD) have strong connection with each other. The poet is called a reviver of the Persian language and Shahnameh is the proof of Iranian identity.

He is quoted as saying that the cumbersome task of writing this epic work took over thirty years while he came up with a literary piece that transcends even the Iranian culture, besides reviving the Persian language.

The Iranian poet is celebrated as one of the greatest literary figures in the world and a significant one in Persian literature. ‘Shahnameh’, the world’s longest epic poem, narrating the brave actions by some legendary Iranian heroes to secure the country, is the national epic of Greater Iran, including the regions of the Caucasus, West Asia, as well as parts of south and central Asia that have been deeply influenced by Iranian culture.