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German Mental festival to host Iranian ‘The Pitman’

The 2021 Go Mental! Int’l filmfest in Germany is to host Iranian short ‘The Pitman’.

Iranian short flick ‘The Pitman’ has been selected to compete at the first edition of the Go Mental! International Film Festival in Germany.

Directed by Neda Haji-Mirzaee, the short film narrates the story of a boy who is insulted on the day of his mother's funeral when her body is carelessly thrown into the grave.

The day after, he is home alone with his grandfather. The grandfather faints and the boy thinks he is dead. He would like to bury him with dignity.

The cast list of the film includes Ramyar Safaee, Sara Safari, Fereydoun Ali-Ramsaee, and Hoshiar Qavami.

The short film has previously participated in the 12th Lobo Fest - International Film Festival in Brazil.

“GO MENTAL! is the first international short film festival with a primary focus on mental health located in Berlin. The festival is having its premiere in May 2021 and will present films from all genres which differ in variety when dealing with this subject”, a statement on the website of the festival reads.

The 2021 edition of the event will be held on May 26-30.