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Old Park-e Shahr satisfies every visitor

One of Tehran’s oldest parks, Park-e Shahr, satisfies every visitor.

One of the oldest parks in Tehran, Park-e Shahr, with its 25 hectares, located in central Tehran, satisfies every visitor with its various attractions.

In addition to several standard playgrounds for children, the park also has an old playground that can relive the childhood memories of young people.

Inaugurated in 1960, Park-e Shahr is one of the first parks built in Tehran and Iran.

The park has bird-watching site for nature lovers who would like to get acquainted with the birds of Tehran. The park hosts more than 50 species in different seasons.

One of the most spectacular parts of the park, also a favorite of children, is the bird garden that was built in the northeast corner of the park and near a big lake. The bird garden consists of eight large cages and two open enclosures where birds such as peacocks, turkeys, and ostriches live. There are also smaller areas inhabited by Brazilian parrots, partridges, pheasants, lovebirds, beautiful pigeons, and many other birds.

The Tehran Peace Museum is located at the northern gate of the park. Other notable sites of the park include aquarium, central library, amphitheatre, exercise machines, fountains, playgrounds, restaurants and snack bars, sports venue, and swimming pool.