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Termeh, precious handicraft of Yazd in photos

Termeh, a handicraft of Iran’s Yazd, is world-famous due to its beauty and high quality.

Termeh, one of the handicrafts of the Iranian province of Yazd, is famous throughout the world because of its beauty and high quality.

Every city has its own handicrafts considering its geographical position and the life style of its people.

The handicrafts of the historic city of Yazd date back thousands of years.

Termeh is one of those handicrafts. It is a precious cloth which its wrap is made of natural silk and its weft is made of a combination of wool, silk and yarn.

Yazd’s Termeh is famous for its unique quality. The process of making the traditional cloth is time-consuming and requires accuracy.

Nowadays, the handwoven cloth is used in several textile applications such as tablecloths, shoes, bags, cushions and tunics.