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Iran artist Shishegaran designs poster for Kabul and London victims

Iranian painter and graphic designer has published a poster, reacting to terrorist attacks in London and Kabul.

In keeping with the spirit of widespread denunciation of London and Kabul terrorist attacks, Iranian painter and graphic designer releases a poster themed on terror.

Behzad Shishegaran published the poster to condemn terrorism following the deadly attacks in the UK and Afghanistan which killed and injured many.

The recent terrorist attacks have already shocked the world with Iran and many other countries categorically denouncing the heinous acts.

Shishegaran is an Iranian painter and graphic designer born 1952 in Tehran. Graduated from Tehran School of Fine Arts with a diploma in painting, he later got his BA in graphic design from Tehran University of Art.

He has created 18 collections of artworks since 1971 as well as making numerous political, social and cultural posters.