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Spain Elche filmfest awards Iran animation ‘The Servant’

Iranian animation ‘The Servant’ wins award at the Elche International Independent Film Festival in Spain.

Iran animation ‘The Servant’ collects award at the 2017 Elche International Independent Film Festival in Spain.

Directed by Farnoush Abedi, garnered the best animation award at the 40th edition of the Spanish festival.

'The Servant' narrates the familiar story of a master and his servant, the story of a writer’s encounter with a gigantic insect, a cockroach.

The cockroach becomes a servant but gradually begins to realize that it deserves better conditions, so it tries to turn the table and change the game to its own favor.

The man, however, attempts to preserve the current situation but soon realizes that the game has no rules.

The animation has participated and won awards at many international film festivals.

Elche International Independent Film Festival, turning 40 this year, is organized by Foundation's «Caja Mediterrneo». Its main objective is to offer a cultural space to filmmakers and moviegoers.

It is a constant commitment to the promotion of culture and supporting the emerging values of cinema, focusing on innovation, public conversation with the authors and the elimination of technological compete when barriers and vote.