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Anibar filmfest to host three Iran animations

Three Iranian short animations are to be screened at the Anibar Int'l Animation Festival in Kosovo.

Three Iranian short animations have been scheduled to be screened at the Anibar International Animation Festival in Kosovo.

‘The Orangish Tree’ directed by Amir-Houshang Moein, Mehdi Khorramian’s ‘The Switchman’ and ‘Gossip’ directed by Leila Norouzi are the animations to represent Iran at the short animations competition section of the event.

The animations are to race with works from Russia, France, Germany, Croatia, Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

‘The Switchman’ is about a switchman who has been waiting for his beloved for a long period of time, but it seems that the beloved is only in his dreams.

‘The Orangish Tree’ narrates the story of a girl who lives in an orange tree and travels above the clouds to revive the tree.

‘Gossip’ tells the tale of a woman who misunderstands an event and spreads a gossip in the town. The gossip grows, turns into a monster and takes over the whole world.‌

Anibar is an organization founded in 2010 by a group of young art activists, the official website of the festival wrote.

Anibar’s mission is to encourage young people, especially young artists, to experiment and work with animation in order to express their ideas and worldview.