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GAP expo showcases modern Iranian architecture

Iran partakes at the Global Architecture Profiling expo as special guest in University of Melbourne, Australia.

Iran has taken part as the special guest at the Global Architecture Profiling (GAP) expo in Australia.

Tehran being selected as the seventh city to display its architectural works in the current academic year of the University of Melbourne, the GAP has invited seven high-flying Iranian architects to take part at the event.

Keivani Architects Studio, Huba-Design Architectural Office, Majdabadi Architectural Office, Cloot, Shift Design Group, and Moj-e-No Architectural Office are the Iranian invitees to the expo.

The leading Iranian architectural offices that had previously carried out outstanding projects in Tehran have presented their designs to the faculty and students of Designing and Architecture at the University of Melbourne.

Talking to media recently, Nima Keivani from the Keivani Architects Studio said “the exhibition is a student collective activity that takes place at the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning of University of Melbourne, Australia.”

“This is an excellent opportunity for us to further introduce the contemporary Iranian architecture and modern art to the international community. We see that the media and international organizations are paying great attention to architecture, and it proves that our country’s architectural position is growing in the world,” he added.

The GAP is a top international exhibition of architectural projects annually held at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

It was founded based on a proposal by Professor Blair Gardiner from the University of Melbourne.

The GAP is to organize exhibitions to show the architectural projects of various urban centers from around the world in order to develop ties between Melbourne and other cities.

Launched on September 28 at Atrium of the University of Melbourne’s School of Design, the exhibition will continue until October 12, 2017.


Gerard Stones, Australia

The old Persian architecture is exemplar in the world, is the modern the same as the old? Anyone knows?

Shahryar Nobooghi, Iran

Sure it has changed, but you'd better to go to the above event to see the examples!