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New footage shows Iran stuntman jump in Netherlands

Iranian stuntman has a freefall from a height of 60 meters in the Netherlands, setting a good record in cinema.

New footage shows Iranian stuntman Amir Badri jumpping from a height of 60 meters in the Netherlands has been released, with local media saying it is a good record in the world of stunt performers.

The Fastforward team capitan had the free fall in Amsterdam and according to a local media report, it is said that the record was among the best in the world

Amir Badri had been practicing to perform the jump more than eight months. Badri previously jumped from the height of 60 meters in an international stun event in Russia and earned a good rank.

The stunt performer has permorfmed various stunts in Iranian movies such as Mehran Modiri’s ‘5 PM’ as well as foreign films, including ‘Ali and Nino’ and ‘Sky Fall’.