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Iran short film ‘retouch’ grabs Stockholm filmfest award

Iran short film ‘retouch’ grabs Stockholm Int'l Film Festival's Aluminum Horse Statue Award

Iranian short film ‘Retouch’ has succeeded to receive Best Short Film award from the 28th edition of Stockholm International Film Festival.

Directed by Kaveh Mazaheri, ‘Retouch’ took part in the competition section of the Swedish event and succeeded to win the festival’s Aluminum Horse statue for Best Short Film award.

‘Retouch’ depicts the story of a young woman whose husband dies before her eyes and she just observes the tragic scene.

Retouch’ has so far succeeded to compete at 10 Oscar Academy honored festivals.

The Stockholm International Film Festival is an annual film festival held in Stockholm, Sweden, since 1990.

The 28th edition of Stockholm Film Festival was held on 8-19 November, 2017.