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Uruguay hosting Iranian cultural festival

Montevideo in Uruguay is hosting the Iran Cultural Week.

The University of the Republic (Universidad de la Republica) in Uruguay has been hosting an Iranian cultural festival.

The event is organized under the auspices of Iranian Embassy in Montevideo, the capital of the South American state and the University of the Republic.

A lineup of movies directed by Iranian filmmakers is slated to be screened during the event.

The Faculty of Information and Communication has arranged exhibitions displaying handicrafts, traditional costumes, carpets and miniature paintings from Iran.

In addition, an exhibition has put a collection of photos of some natural attractions of Iran on display.

An Iranian traditional music ensemble, Darvag, has also been set to give a number of performances during the festival.

More than a few Iranian scholars are in Montevideo to deliver speeches and hold debates on Persian history and civilization, ancient Iranian art, the life and work of Persian poet Ferdowsi, Iranian cinema, Iran anthropology, as well as Persian carpets and their designs.

The Iran Cultural Week, opened on November 20, 2017, will come to conclusion on November 24.