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ifilm's exclusive report on Iranian feature ‘Forbidden’

Watch ifilm's exclusive on Iranian feature ‘Forbidden’ by Hassan Yekta-Panah.

Watch ifilm's exclusive report on the Iranian feature film ‘Forbidden’ directed by Hassan Yekta-Panah and produced by Mohammad-Hossein Ameri-Pouya, starring Yassaman Moavi.

The following are brief highlights of the report.

ifilm: Today We’re going to talk about a movie that is called ‘Forbidden’ and it had recently hit the silver screens.

Mohammad-Hossein Ameri-Pouya, Producer: Before we get the permit for making the movie, its name was ‘Wild Flowers and Mellat Park’. Considering the events happening in the screenplay were all forbidden, the name changed into ‘Forbidden’. We already had experienced this. Our movie ‘Bulletproof’ was supposed to be called ‘Forbidden’. I liked this name a lot and it matched the screenplay completely.

ifilm: Mr. Yekta-Panah, the director of the movie did a lot of research about the theme of the movie but it was the screenplay that came to him at first.

Hassan Yekta-Panah, director: With regards to this subject, I reached this story by borrowing an amazing storyline. Then I went and did research on it. I asked about it. There were houses that the girls would go to at nights to sleep. In the morning they had to leave and wander the streets and then again at night they’d go back to the houses which are called Warm Houses. First, I had the storyline and then I went and did research on this issue.

Family plays a vital role in our lives, especially for young people. Families are the foundation of our society. Everything begins at home. At night when you finish your work, you go home to rest. For children that doubles. For them it means security as well. We have to do our best to teach families about nurturing youths. Nothing has been done in this regard.

Ameri-Pouya: I naturally think about the return of my investment. Every producer thinks about this matter from the beginning but since it was my own concern and I liked the theme I made it. And I hope that my investment pays up.

Our director was willing to choose actors and actresses who are not famous in the cinema industry of Iran. I’m opposed to it. Considering that I know about the audience, I believe that they need to see their favorite cast member in a film.

Yekta-Panah: In order for the film to have a wider impact and more families see it, because it’s a sensitive theme, he wanted us to work with famous actors and actresses so that it’s seen by a large number of people.