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What is Hossein Yari’s typical trait? Wife reveals.

Get to know Hossein Yari and his finest characteristic

What makes this renowned actor even more attractive is his unwillingness to have interviews. So, you might like what follows, as an excerpt from an interview he’s had.

Remember his role in ‘Men of Angelos’, ‘Saint Mary’, ‘The Tenth Night’, and ‘Dark Intelligence 1 & 2’? Those were among some of Hossein Yari’s hits already broadcast or now being aired on ifilm, with some 23 other movies on his resume’.

In a published interview by a local media outlet, the interviewer describes Hossein’s reactions as sometimes excited, and at times patient, with a sweet smile.  

His daughter Sarah, portrays her daddy as a good footballer, who plays football with her as well.

Actually, Yari and his son Soroush go to a local club every week and play football together. Years ago, Yari was a very good Futsal player when he was much younger. That’s according to a quote from Iran’s ex futsal captain, Mohammadreza Heydarian.

Yari’s wife describes him as an extremely nice person, who never ever made trouble throughout their married life. She says Hossein’s most outstanding personality trait is his honesty. During the interview, she suddenly told her husband ‘I extremely love you so much’.

Despite being away at times, to shoot movies or series, his family has done their best to support him. That’s why actually his is one of a family-supported CV, which makes it more precious.

Yari, who has been a ‘bank clerk’, says he didn’t allow fame to bring him a privilege at the workplace. He started his movie career with the war genre, and appeared in a few such flicks, before starring in all the other types of movies and TV series. His bio is on the following link:

and here’s more pics from Hossein Yari, in movies, real life, and with his children: