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ifilm to air ‘Made in Iran’ on weekend

ifilm is to air ‘Made in Iran’ series on weekend.

‘Made in Iran’ series has been scheduled to go on air on weekend.

Directed by Mohammad-Hossein Latifi and produced by Seyyed Amir Parvin-Hosseini ‘Made in Iran’ is a 2011 production with comic theme.

The series tells the story of an Iranian scientist who has come up with an invention that could change the world – a white powder that purifies any type of water and converts it into clean fuel. However, a two-bit thief named Gholam, steals the briefcase containing the white powder and a laptop with the invention formula.

The rest of the story depicts how the extremely invaluable briefcase stolen by the thief is taken to France to be sold there.

‘Made in Iran’ cast list includes Behnam Tashakkor, Farhad Aslani, Gohar Kheirandish, Elika Abdolrazzaqi, Mohammad-Reza Golzar, Bahareh Rahnama, and Amin Hayaee.