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‘Katyusha’ introduces four new thespians

Four new stars have joined the Iranian comedy ‘Katyusha’.

Four new stars have joined the Iranian comedy ‘Katyusha’.

Directed and produced by Ali Atshani, the movie offered the new Iranian thespians to appear before the camera.

Linda Kiani, Mehran Rajabi, Khashayar Rad and Bijan Banafshe-Khah are the thespians that joined Atshani’s latest project.

“If I want to be successful in my life, I do not have to look at life like you do," a movie punch line hits.

Banafshehkhah was born into an artistic family. He is the son of the veteran actor Reza Banafshehkhah. He has appeared in the movies ‘The Dance of the Devil’ (2000) and ‘Vafa’ (2011).

He has also played roles in comic series, such as ‘No Words Needed’ (2002), ‘The Man of Two Thousand Faces’ (2008), ‘Medical Building’ (2010-2011), ‘A Friend's Share’ (2011) and ‘Pejman’ (2013).

Linda Kiani's debut drama was ' Hourglass' (2007), in which her performance attracted the attention of audiences, critics and filmmakers.

She has appeared in various movies, such as 'Ungrateful' (2009), and various TV series, including 'Day of Envy' (2008), 'Coast Guard' (2009), 'The Redemption' (2009), 'Code White' (2011), 'Until Being with Sorayya' (2011), 'Matador' (2012), 'The Capital 2' (2012) and 'Mehrabad' (2013).

Mehran Rajabi has acted in series such as ‘Time of Rebellion’ (2001), ‘A Bunch of Eagle Feathers’ (2005), ‘The Basement’ (2006), ‘The Residential Base’ (2007), ‘Gharib's Story’ (2002-2007), 'Like No One' (2008), ‘Operation 125’ (2008), ‘Let's Not Turn Around’ (2009), ‘The Occupiers’ (2010), ‘The Forgotten’ (2010), ‘Cops and Robbers’ (2012), ‘Bad Days Pass’ (2013), ‘Huge Problems 1’ (2014), ‘The Recluse’ (2014) and ‘Huge Problems 2’ (2015).


He has also taken part in several movies, including ‘The Deserted Station’ (2000-2001), ‘Dear, I'm In No Mood’ (2001), ‘How To Kill Love’ (2002), ‘The Lizard’ (2003), ‘A Flower For the Bride’ (2004), ‘The Proposal for 50 Million’ (2005), 'Slowly' (2005), ‘Colors of Memory’ (2006), ‘Rules of the Game’ (2006), ‘Wind Winding Through the Meadow’ (2007), ‘Ten Figures’ (2008), ‘Gold and Copper’ (2008), ‘The Outcasts 2’ (2008), ‘Milk and Honey’ (2009), ‘Wedding Rings’ (2009), ‘Marriage in Extra Time’ (2009), ‘Twelve Chairs’ (2011), 'Unripe Pomegranates' (2013), ‘The Ascended’ (2013) and ‘The Carriage’ (2013).

Khashayar Rad has appeared in several series, including ‘Aqaqiya Alley’ (2003), ‘Homeless’ (2004), ‘The Suspect Got Away’ (2005), ‘Sweet and Sour’ (2006), ‘Stepmother’ (2010), ‘What Goes Around, Comes Around’ (2012), and ‘Cops and Robbers’ (2012).

He has also acted in movies, such as ‘Girls' Dormitory’ (2004), ‘The President's Cell Phone’ (2011), ‘Mom! Behrouz Hit Me’ (2011) and ‘Buried Treasure’ (2012).