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9 Iranian superstars’ effect on biggest hits– part 2: M. Golzar

How superstar Mohammadreza Golzar affects box office sales.

It’s talk of payments, and turnover all around the cinema industry. For long, it has been. To clarify how much a superstar could bring to a film’s box office sales, 9 stars were recently examined.

Here’s part 2, on superstar Mohammadreza Golzar.

Most experts believe that he’s the only superstar whose name can make a movie a box office hit. Rumors on his exorbitant payments are sometimes heard. His fee for a 3-day filming event made headlines a few years ago, and was for long a topic of discussion. Whatever he receives, Golzar may claim that based on sales figures, he has been a success. Flicks such as ‘Hello Mumbai’, ‘Drought and Lies’, and ‘Atom Heart Mother’, would suggest such, while the two latter movies were released on home video network only.

Golzar’s box office hit was ‘Hello Mumbai’, with around Rials 137 Billion.

Ifilm recently aired his series ‘Made in Iran’.

Want to know more about him? Here you go:

The superstar was once a religion teacher at high schools, and ethics is high on his life agenda. He’s also a pop singer.


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He is.


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