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Romanian film festival to screen Iranian ‘Turquoise’

Iranian short film ‘Turquoise’ is to go on screen at the 6th ClujShorts fest in Romania.

Iranian short film ‘Turquoise’ has been scheduled to go on screen at the 6th edition of the ClujShorts filmfest in Romania.

Directed by Rouzbeh Misaqi, the film is about life to be upside down in a rural Iranian village by a rumour that a box of treasure, hidden somewhere in the village would make its finder rich and prosperous.

Misaqi was born in Tehran where he studied his bachelor’s degree in Sociology and worked as an independent filmmaker in commercials, short films, and music videos.

His passion for filmmaking led him to move to London where he studied his Master's degree in film directing and worked on several short films and commercials as the producer, director and writer.

The ClujShorts Film Festival is a cultural event which is held in the Romanian city of Cluj Napoca annually.

The 6th edition of the event is slated for April 23-29, 2018.