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17 Int'l film festivals screen ‘Blows with the Wind’ in 2018

Some 17 int'l film festivals host Iran animation ‘Blows with the Wind’ in 2018.

Some 17 international film festivals have so far hosted Iran animation ‘Blows with the Wind’ in 2018.

India's Access Code Film Festival, the Cambodia International Film Festival, India's U Special International Campus Film Festival, Italy's Cefalù Film Festival, India's Jaipur Film World and Canada's Central Alberta Film Festival are among the festivals that presented or are to present the Iranian short animation.

Also 11 US film festivals, including the CineManiacs Short Film Festival, the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival,‌ the First City Film Festival, the I Hella Love Shorts Film Festival, the Trenton Film Festival, the Short. Sweet. Film Festival, The Queens World Film Festival, the Cinequest Film & VR Festival, the Garden State Film Festival, the Ocean City Film Festival and the Victoria TX Independent Film Festival, are to screen the animated movie.

The short animation narrates the story of a scarecrow that faces some unpleasant events. The scarecrow becomes human and breaks away from those situations.

On the way he sees two other scarecrows whose conditions are not better than that of him. Thus he is on the horns of a dilemma and must make a hard decision.

Directed by Hazhir Asadi, the short animation has so far attended a number of international film festivals all around the world.

Some of the above film festivals have been held in early 2018 and the rest are to be launched in March, April and May 2018.