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Iran series ‘Forbidden’ to enjoy Niki Karimi as main cast

Iranian actress Niki Karimi has joined new series project ‘Forbidden’ directed by Amir Pour-Kian.

Iranian actress Niki Karimi joins new series project ‘Forbidden’ directed by Amir Pour-Kian.

Karimi is to appear before the camera of the home video market series in a special, different role.

Atila Pesyani, Majid Mozaffari, Khatereh Asadi, Amir-Hossein Arman and Anahita Dargahi are the other cast members of the series.

Born in 1971, Niki Karimi started acting with theater groups in elementary school when Jamshid Gorgin (the actor) discovered her talent as an actress in a school play.

Her first appearance in cinema was 'Temptation' (1989), but her next performances like 'The Bride' (1990) and 'Sara' (1991) earned her national acclaim and fame. For them she won awards at the San Sebastián Film Festival and Nantes Film Festival.

She continued her cinematic career starring in movies made by well-known Iranian filmmakers and has won many awards nationally and internationally ever since.

According to Karimi herself, acting did not satisfy her, so she began making films herself and won her first award as a director for her documentary called 'To Have or not to Have' (2001) at Iran's Rain Film Festival.

In 2004, she made her first feature film 'One Night' (2004) which was shown in numerous international film festivals such as the Cannes Film Festival (2006) in the Un Certain Regards Section.

Her second feature film 'A Few Days Later' (2006) premiered at Rome Film Festival and the third one, 'Final Whistle' (2010), won three awards at the Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinema in France.

The celebrated Iranian actress has served, as a juror, at several renowned film festivals, including the Berlin Film Festival and the 60th Cannes Film Festival.

Karimi is also an acting coach and a translator. Her first published work was 'Songs My Mother Taught Me', the biography of Marlon Brando.

She has acted in series such as 'Life' (1995), 'Ancient Land' (2013), 'Kimya' (2015) and plenty of movies including 'Scent of Joseph' (1995), 'Minoo Tower' (1995), 'Psycho' (1997), 'Two Women' (1998), 'The Burnt Generation' (1999), 'Thousands of Women Like Me' (2000), 'The Fifth Reaction' (2001), 'Who Killed Amir?' (2005), 'Three Women' (2006), 'Women Are Angels' (2007), 'The Second Woman' (2007), 'Hot Chocolate' (2009), 'I'm Her Spouse' (2011), 'The President's Cell Phone' (2011), 'Tidings to Citizen of the Third Millennium' (2012), and 'Death of Fish' (2014).