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ifilm's exclusive report on Iranian feature ‘Israfil’

Watch ifilm's exclusive report on Iranian movie ‘Israfil’ directed by Ida Panahandeh.

Watch ifilm's exclusive report on the Iranian feature ‘Israfil’ directed by Ida Panahandeh, written by Arsalan Amiri and produced by Mastaneh Mohajer, starring Hoda Zeinolabedin and Pejman Bazeghi.


Below are highlights of the report.

Hoda Zeinolabedin, Actress: First of all, it had a brilliant screenplay. Also, the director was Ida Panahandeh. I liked her last movie 'Nahid' a great deal. It also had a great producer, Mastaneh Mohajer; a friend of mine. The character 'Sara' was very interesting to me because it was very challenging. I loved the screenplay and especially this specific role. so, I agreed to take the role.

Ida Panahandeh, Director: The concept of the film is rooted in the life story of a woman who I knew. This woman was in love with a man when she was a teenager. Due to some reasons, their love didn't have a happy ending. After the Islamic Revolution, the man left the country and the woman got married just like the character 'Mahi' in the movie. But she didn't have a happy married life. So, she got divorced after twenty years, the man she was in love with returned to Iran. But he married a lady much younger than himself and then went overseas and she buried his love in her heart for good. I was in the loop of the ups and downs in her life and I knew how much she loved this man. I shared the story with Arsalan Amiri, the Script writer. He liked it a lot. He suggested the movie 'Israfil' should be about the life story of both women and the man too. Then we began writing the screenplay.

Mastane Mohajer, Producer: I think 'Israfil' will be a hit if it participates in global festivals because just like I said it's a universal story. It is not limited to a specific place. It can happen anywhere across the world. I think it will be successful in global festivals.

Pejman Bazeghi, Actor: The screenplay was the reason why I agreed to work with Ida Panahandeh again. She creates her movies on the paper. She writes the screenplay very well-organized.

Arsalan Amiri, Screenwriter: 'Israfil' brings about a different experience with regards to watching a movie considering the subject, its atmosphere and its look at the romance. If anyone has had a romantic experience, whether he's failed or succeeded, he'll be glued to see the film.