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Iran 'Azadi Cinema' claims award in Oman Int'l filmfest

Iran documentary 'Azadi Cinema' grabs award at Muscat International Film Festival.

Iran documentary 'Azadi Cinema' has grabbed award at the 10th Muscat International Film Festival (miff) in Oman.

Directed by Mahdi Tarafi, 'Azadi Cinema' won the Silver Dagger Award (Silver Khanjar) of the Omani Festival.

The flick is a narrative of the life and social relations between the Arab residence on both sides of the border between Iran and Iraq.  

It shows how the locals strived to stay in touch while the Iraqi imposed war on Iran was yet dragging on.

The film has, so far, attended several film festivals and received a number of awards including the Best Film Award at Abu Dhabi Film Festival and Parvin Etesami Film Festival in Tehran.

Muscat International Film Festival (MIFF) is keen to bring what is different, creative and to grant the established voices in cinema an important space within the festival.

The 10th Muscat International Film Festival took place March 26-31, 2018.